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Rover Scouts (Ages 18 - 26)


Rovers is open to all guys and girls aged 18 to 26 years. Anyone can become a Rover - there's no need to have any previous involvement with Scouting, or any outdoor activities experience.


As a Rover, you and your Crew run the show!


A group of Rovers is known as a "Crew" and each Rover Crew is different, tailoring its activities to the requirements of its members. Crews vary in size from a handful of members to as many as fifty. Most crews meet weekly. The friends you make within this group will be lifelong!


The Rover Scout motto is a simple one - "Service". Rovering helps develop leadership abilities and an appreciation of the value of helping other people through service activities, both within Scouting and in the wider community.


To learn more about Rovers click here NSW Rovers


If you are interested in joining our active and fun Group, contact our Group Leader:


Chris Merrett on 0432 124 407